Imovie Problems

Meg McInerney

In my imovie project when I select timeline mode to watch my movie it doesn't play properly and skips sections. But in the clips mode the movie plays fine. I can't edit anything in the timeline mode as it won't play properly. It is not a space issue and I have tried restarting the computer several times.
Im having the same problems. I've removed Quicktime 7.0.2 and reinstalled 6.5.2 to see if thats fixed the problem with no luck. Also completely reinstalled OSX which got Imovie working fine in timeline but when I downloaded and installed all the updates and the new Quicktime 7 with the Software Update it all turned to custard again. I've been into the Apple store in London and they couldn't help me either. Please someone help me fix this.
ok went out and purchaced ilife '05 today with imovie HD hoping to solve this problem, i also reinstalled quicktime 7.0.2, updated imoveHD with the latest version and it still wont let me edit in timeline or edit audio tracks without it freezing up and the spinning beachball doing its thing. ive got a half finished project that needs finishing before wednesday so really need some more help with this