Imovie/quicktime nightmare.....


I took some videos with my new Motorola V330 and made a small video in Imovie. I tryed to burn the .mov and the .avi file I created onto a CD. I burned the CD with no problems. When I put the CD back in the computer to check to see if the video's were there, no .mov or .avi file appeared. All the files that came up in the CD were unrecognizable text documents or Plugins. Then I figure since that didnt work I'll just upload the video on So I upload it and that goes fine, I can view the movie just fine on my computer. But when I go to the other macs I have in my house, the file doesnt work and I tryed it on a windows and still nothing. There were no error messages at all, just a blank quicktime screen. So then I try uploading it on another computer. I do that and it views fine on that computer. But the files still wouldnt show on any other computer but the one I used to upload it on. I tryed several differant other sites to upload it on and still the same thing happened. I have quicktime 7 on all computers and all the macs are running 10.3.9. Any help is appreciated!