iMovie thinks I am using NTSC... but I am PAL...


I just installed iMovie HD again.

For some reason it thinks I am NTSC, how can I change this? Also, the export options are limited compared to when I last installed it, it doesn't give me much control on what I can export as, any idea why?

Hmm, interesting, when you select DV or DV Widescreen, it's NTSC and no where to change it to PAL. If you select MPEG4, there's no where to select or see what format there is. There is that option somewhere, I have seen and used it. Maybe IDVD when you import to that?

iMovie 5.0.2, can't remember doing the update, but gee the responsive time was slow, click on the menu and the ball would spin for a minute, never had that problem before. Maybe the update forgot about the Country formats?

This is how you do it in iMovie 5. And it's not impossible,

In whatever project you have open, it does not matter. Go to Preferences and choose 25 frames per second for New project frame rate.

Now open a NEW project.

The new project will have a frame rate of 25 fps and will be labeled PAL.

It works, thanks Bob :)
This is true. I believe natively PAL runs at 25fps and NTSC runs at 29.97fsp; PAL being the better format.
I had the same problem, until I also found the 25fps preference setting. I would have thought apple would have liked apple to have a NTSC/PAL/SECAM selection switch somewhere.