iMovie to VCD/DVD


Hi there,
I have a kind of anemic Mac, G3 350 512MB, but I am trying to capture DV from mt Sony VX2000. The video imports perfectly fine, but now I am a little stuck.

I *want* to make a VCD of the project, but I am a newbie and a little confused. I can make a QT movie which is about 142MB for 23 mins, or about 4.5 GB under iDVD mode. Both appear to be QT, but I think I need them to be MPGs.

Is there a direct way to take my DV project and turn it into VCD ready MPEG-1? Or do I need a different product?

Many thanks in advance.

I remember the hoops I had to jump through to do this with Windows (where there's more software for it, even). You have to save the movies in a particular (and awkward) size ratio and sound encoding mode.

Then you'll need a good CD-burning package that has support for VCD, because there are all kinds of weird cataloging things you need to include on the CD. I used Nero Burning ROM on Windows.

Toast probably supports it, since it's apparently a great package, but I've never tried it.

Have you searched the web? I found some free software and some sites that discussed just what formats you need.

I would LOVE a quicksilver qith iDVD lol :p
but I dont have one :p

as for VCD, I've made some.
There is a program out there (I cant remember the name though) that converts files between movie formats. So if you have a good quality QT movie you can use this program to convert it to MPG and use Toast Titanium to make the VCD.

You can get this program at (or .org) cant remember :p ... coffee has not kicked in yet :p