Importing Audio Formats Into Imovie

gerard karelse


I am an advanced beginner as far as iMovie is concerned. Because I wanted to improve audio quality with Audacity I am now really stupefied with the following problem. I did extract audio from the video clip. The audio time (in my case 29 sec) was correct in the iMovie time viewer as extracted audio. Then I opened the file in Audacity to do some filtering AND I had to shorten the piece because it was twice as long as the extracted piece !(also when I drag the audio piece to my Desktop the audio was a lot longer !!). Apparently it was the audio of the original clip (the sound was not slower).
I figured out that the solution might be to cut (shorten) the piece with Audacity so that it fits the video in my project (which is quite some work).
I export the audio to my desktop (on the desktop the length of the audio is exactly what I need to match the video). The only options for exportation are WAV and MP3. I selected WAV format, but then I was very disappointed, because after dragging it into my iMovie project it was again the original size e.g almost two times as long as the corresponding Video clip. I know WAV is an MS format, but I have no other options and it worked fine for more then five other clips before. I did this Audicity upgrading of the sound with five other clips and the WAV file was accepted (and my sound was a lot better).

I emptied my dustbin completely (but iMovie 'knows' still that the clip had more audio apparently ??) I work with a new Powerbook G4, Tiger and the last version of iMovie. By the way, after fooling around with this audio exporting/importing I cannot start my playhead normally anymore. Now it takes time for him to play audio and video simultaneously (e.g to catch up with the images). I have enough RAM and disc space I guess (512MB and 27 Gb free)

Please fill me in about this, I will be very grateful. Gerard (the Netherlands)