Importing data from OE5 into Entourage 2004

Michael Horton

So I have Entourage 2004 in OS 10.3.5 and went to import messages, folders, prefs, etc from my old Outlook Express 5.0.4 running in OS 9.2.2. Easy huh? Just navigate to the Main Identity folder and click OK. Well I did that except it only imported messages, folders, prefs up until 12/24/04. OK, took a look at the Main Identity folder and it had a modification date of 12/24/04. Weird. Outlook is working fine and of course I've sent and received hundreds of emails after 12/24/04.

So I decided to just drag the Main Identity folder from the OE 5 folder into my Documents>Microsoftt User Data> OS Identities folder in hopes that would work. Got an error saying Entourage needed to verify/rebuild or something and so it did, and then created a back up Identities folder. Then it eliminated the Main Identities folder from the OE 5 folder. It's gone, and I still dont have messages, folders, prefs in my new Entourage on OSX. OE 5 is still working fine and has all messages, folders etc, but now there is no Main Identity folder in my OE5 folder so no way to import into Entourage.

How is this possible and how can I import all data into my new Entourage

Thanks for any help.