Importing into Address Book

peter mangles

As far as I can see there's no way of importing multiple contacts into the Address book program, say from say a tab delineated file. Checked online help etc, searches using the word import don't come up with anything. Am I missing something glaringly obvious, or is just not possible? Had a look at the contents of the data files and there's all sort of special characters floating around so a manual import by that route doesn't look fun at all.

Otherwise everything's fine, running OS X on a PB G3 266 since Monday, got copy at show in Paris. Installation went through without a glitch first time. Even managed to get the thing to wake up from sleep unlike a certain Mr Jobs! :) Basically I could use it all the time if I could work out how to import my eMail addresses, there's several hundred so I don't want to have to type them in again...