Importing mail to ML 10.8.4

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I'm trying to import mailboxes to Mountain Lion 10.8.4. The mailboxes have been exported from Lion 10.7.5

I select File -> Import Mailboxes
Then the Apple Mail radio button and select the .mbox

I get the following message:
"You can find the imported mailboxes in the folder named "Import" in the mailboxes list."

However there is no "Import" mailbox. The emails appear to be added, but I'm not sure where. I assume they're just in the Inbox, but it doesn't give me any control.

I've a got a bootable duplicate of the old Lion installation, and a TimeMachine backup.

Is there a workaround for missing "Import" mailbox, or is the a better way to achieve importing my mail cleanly (ie. without some old unused email accounts)?

Not open for further replies.