Importing mailboxes from Netscape?


I'm having trouble trying to get the import process to work correctly. I've got about 10 mailboxes in my Netscape Users folder under OS 9.1. When I try and import them into, I get the weirdest assortment of oddities. I had about 40 messages in my Inbox, Mail imported 322! And none of them are any newer than about Sept. 22!! What's going on??? Do I need to boot back into OS 9 and somehow get Netscape to update the folders, or export them somehow?

There's something really weird with the way Netscape stores it's stuff, 'cause I navigated to my bookmark from OmniWeb in X, and the same thing happened! The "Recent bookmarks" were all from sometime in mid to late September!!

Can anyone help me out? ANY ideas???



Notorious Olive Counter
Afraid I can't comment on your specific problems - one pointer though: uses the same mailbox format (mbox) as pine does, it just gives the files different names. If you have a look at the pine info center ( ), there should be some tips in their faq about importing netscape mail into pine - then you could probably change the names of pine's files to something using Apple's standards.

I moved a bunch of mail between pine and a while back. If the pine method works for you, I suggest the easiest way to move that mail over to would be to create a new mailbox in first. Then replace the file Library/Mail/Mailboxes/NewMailBox.mbox/mbox with the mailbox created by pine (the filename will probably be different).