Importing Microsoft Excel 2003 to Mac


I use a userform in Microsoft Excel 2003 with Optionbuttons and Macros that are attached to the buttons.

When I open the file in Excel for Mac, while opening 'Metafiles are converted' and the optionbuttons are displayed as pictures and thus have lost functionality.

I have tried saving the file in different formats, but the same problem occurs or the optionbuttons are not displayed at all.

Any help would be appreciated.


Which Mac Excel are you using? It appears you're importing
a file with more features than your Mac app supports.
This is a problem. I did some work for someone testing files created on Windows versions of Excel but which needed to work also on Macs. Excel on the Mac (even 2004) still uses VB5, which means that many capabilities of VB6 are missing. ActiveX is not supported at all. I found in my testing that the text boxes on UserForms had to be constructed on the Mac side before they worked at all. It can be done, but takes patience, practice, and time.