impossible smb shares on windows 2003 server


I'm trying to login to a windows 2003 server. I can see the server in the browser but when I connect, I pick the share I want and login in at the domain i get the notification that
"the alias "Srvr1" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found."
I tried trowing away all keychain references to this server but this doesn't work.
When I login using "smb://Srvr1/Share" I have to give the domain, username and password I get the notification
"Could not connect to the server because the name or password is not correct"
but I'm sure that they are correct [from a windows machine I can login with this password]
Further when I acces other shares on other computers in the same domain as the server I have no problems what so ever.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
I currently using Tiger 10.4.2 on my powerbook.