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Fark Lover
Please learn from the mistakes of Saturday's delivery errors. I know in my town alone, at one location, there were no less than 50 upset Apple faithful roaming around Fry's when the upgrade CDs didn't arrive as promised. I know we may have expected too much, but there was plenty of time to have delivered this upgrade to all major market areas by Friday night.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for 10.1! It does kick some serious butt. :)
I agree.
But sometimes there are powers not even we can control that take charge. But who knows what went on...maybe Apple is just getting lazy. :p j/k
I just want to point out that even though a lot of people were disappointed, Apple did get a lot of disks out on Saturday, and even more since. Give them a minute to please 10s of thousands of people, you know.

At the nearest Apple Store to me, they reportedly had almost 1000 upgrade CDs, but still ran out in the afternoon. That's not their fault, that's just a lot of demand. Still, they took down people's names and called them when they got more, which I guess was Tuesday or Wednesday. That's not bad! Come on, give 'em a break!
I didn't make it in to the Northshore mall until Sunday. They still had plenty of CDs at the Genius Bar. You just had to ask. I'm interested in others' experiences at Apple Stores. I've heard horror stories about other retailers, but I'm just wondering if those chains weren't secondary and Apple just concentrated on their own stores first.

I know if I hadn't heard of all the problems with CompUSA (which is closer to me than the Northshore mall location), I would have gone there instead of the hour drive to the Apple Store.