??? In My Dock


Well, I upgraded to 10.1 and all seemed well until I started my machine today and my Dock only displays the icons for the Finder, System preferences, the @/OSx icon and trash. Along with these icons are 5 "?" icons for that when rolled over are identified as Mail, Sherlock, IE, Quicktime and Late breaking news. When I click on these icons, they do not launch anything.

I have a G4 450 and OSXis on its own partition. I shut down correctly. Any body have any ideas on what this is about?
is it possible that the originals got moved or lost?
i've had this when i've put a folder in the dock and then later trashed it ... it turns up as a question mark ...
maybe you should just locate your apps and stick them in the dock again...
does that help?
Ah Jedi Master, you are wise. Being the anal retentive type that I am, I reorganized my application directory into neat little folders and I think this is the cause of my ?s. I was thinking in OS7, 8, 9 terms and have paid for my mistake.

Yep, this was it. Sorry to bug you, but thanks for the advice!