Inaccurate Monitor Colours


My technical level is pretty good. My problem is that the colours on my monitor (Mitsubishi DPLUS93SB) have changed to look as though someone has turned the brightness and contrast up full - They haven't. I have tried connecting different monitors to the Mac (Power Mac G4 967 MHz Dual Processor) and connecting the Mac to different monitors and the problem persists. I have also tried re-calibrating the Mac using System Prefs, Displays, Color, Calibrate etc. but the contrast is so far out that this has little effect. The really strange thing is that if I re-boot the Mac in OS 9 the monitor looks perfect. This lead me to think that it was a problem with OSX so I have Fixed Permissions, tried /sbin/fsch -f and even zapped the PRAM but the problem remains. Any help you could give me would me really appreciated.

Many thanks