including headers

I believe table manners dictate they be placed in a folder named Classes under your project in Project Builder.
But if you have no manners PB will accommodate.
I just place em in the source folder with everything else.. These are little headers I write not frameworks or anything...I am assuming that is what your speaking of..:D
do you mean headers in frameworks or in your project? If it's in your project, yeah just throw them in the "Classes" folder. It should be able to find them.

thank you, i realized the problem was when i dropped GL/glut.h in the classes it changed the name to GL:glut.h so it wasnt recognizing it. thanks for the help.
one more question...i cant seem to compile any program no matter how simple. the build fails and says see compile log for details and in the log is says

...failed MasterObjectFile.Combine /Users/vas/Desktop/cocoa01/build/intermediates/

there is also a warning in the log that says app depends on itself.
anyone else get that before? my program is:

#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>

int main(void)
return 0;

That's your whole program? What kind of project are you building (Carbon/Cocoa)? Im guessing C, but im not really sure that Project Builder can do straight C. I could be wrong, but are you including any headers in your project? See ya

c++ and cocoa. i just put that code up b/c i can't get anything to compile. once i get rid of all my syntax errors i always wind up with that 'see build log for details' error. i will eventually use the headers but i have to overcome these smaller hurtles before i can get to that. i get the same results whether i build for carbon or cocoa.