Incomplete boot camp/xp installation means i cant restart my mac without holding alt


Hi All

I had partioned my hard drive with boot camp after installing Leopard.

But for when installing window the system stopped working. I left it for 2.5 and the install still had not completed.

I tried to quit, but then i got a message telling me that there was a disc error to start up with disc click any key to do so. With the xp disc inside I tried to do restart with disc but nothing would respond, so i restarted back into mac leopard took out the disc and removed the partition.

Now when i start up my mac i get a black screen telling me there is a disc error. I have to restart my mac holding down the alt key.

Any clues about what i should do? I would like to have windows partitioned but should it be so difficult? I have parellels also which I will use but want to sort out this start up problem first.

Can anyone help me?



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In Disk Utility, what is reported for your partition scheme? I think it should be GUID for working with Boot Camp.

If you boot to OS X, and in System Preferences select the Startup Disc, that should make you bypass the alt at boot.