InDesign CS2 freezes after 1 minute!


I just installed Adobe Creative Suite 2 on a 15" Powerbook (purchased Sept 2003, 512 MB RAM, 55.9 GB HD with the DVD-R drive) running on OS X 10.3.9. All of the applications on CS2 save for InDesign are working just fine!

I can start InDesign without a problem and fairly quickly, but once it starts up and about a minute goes by, it will just freeze, no matter what I am doing -- opening a document, creating a new document, typing something, or I can even just leave it alone and not do anything on InDesign and it will still freeze! When it freezes, I can't do anything but Force Quit the app. It doesn't ever just quit unexpectedly, so there isn't a CrashReporter log for it. I've gone to the Adobe support page pertaining to this problem ( and related pages on, but none of the solutions there have helped. I've also updated to the new 4.0.1 update that was released last week. (There is a solution that tells me to start up in Safe Mode, but when I try to, it won't even boot all the way. I'll hold Shift after the Apple sound and let go when the logo pops up like the Adobe site suggested, and then it will just stay on that screen for a long time and not do anything. Is there another way to boot in Safe Mode?)

I should also mention that before installing CS2, I had Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, and InDesign 2.0.2 installed. Illustrator and Photoshop were just fine, InDesign 2.0.2 would work all right, but lately crashes after five minutes of use.

Does InDesign use up a lot of memory when it runs or something? Or is it something wrong with my Powerbook that is causing InDesign to just shut down? What should I do to try to fix this? Any help would be AWESOME! Thanks in advance!! :D