InDesign CS2 to Quark Conversion


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OK, so this is an old boring subject for many people out there, so apologies in advance... don't shoot me!

I haven't checked for ages, but am interested to know if anybody has come across a third party developed tool to open Quark 6 files in the latest version of InDesign?

I know that this is probably wishful thinking, but thought it was worth asking just in case.

** Hey, If no such tool exists, can one of you very clever programmer's please hack the code and sort it out..... there's probably a shed load of cash out there for such a product!!! **

Hey, can you email me too, once you've developed it. :D
Problem is Quark has encrypted their file format, starting with v.5, which is the reason Adobe can't legally build-in an import feature like it has with v.4 Quark files. The same would go for a third party. Most likely Quark felt that was their only way to keep some customers in their bag.

The only way I know to do it is to use Quark v.6 to export to a v.5 file, then use Quark v.5 to export to a v.4 file, and finally opening the v.4 file in InDesign. Problem with that is you loose any advanced features of the newer versions when downgrading the files. So in the long run, it's probably easier to just redo the files in ID.

Why Adobe didn't buy out Quark (instead of Macromedia) is beyond comprehension. Maybe they still will...not like we'd be loosing anything; Quark is pretty much dead as it stands now (unable to compete).
mdnky, I couldn't agree with you more! The conversion process I also agree with.

I went to InDesign about a year ago and have never looked back. I cringe when I have to use quark now, in fact.