InDesign link preview issue from a CIFS Windows?


Not a very technical person, but my tech people are not helping me out, so bear with me.

InDesign CS2
Panther 10.3.9
PowerMac G5

I'm testing moving my creative files from a Novell environment (which we have to access using NetWare, which causes all kinds of issues) to a CIFS Windows server. I've also tested this on a CIFS on a Novell server. I connect to this server via SMB through the "Connect to server..." on the finder.

It all seems to work peachy, except InDesign is doing the darndest thing. If I open a photo that was placed in InDesign, then I edit it in Photoshop, then save, InDesign seems to update the link, but it does not show on the preview. I have my Display Performance set to TYPICAL DISPLAY. If I print this page out, I can see my changes, or if I change to HIGH QUALITY DISPLAY, I can see the edit. I can only see the edits if I set it to the highest quality, which of course drags the computer down.

Never seen this, no one in IT or my Mac guy has ever heard about it.

Isn't that odd? It seems like InDesign is keeping the first 'preview' of the file and refusing to change it afterwards. I can completely remove the file from InDesign, then replace it, and still won't change.

Any help would be welcome.


Do you think that only could be happening with the new CIFS server I'm testing? It doesn't happen otherwise. I'm mostly using TIFFS and PSDs. Not sure how TIFFs save thumbnail/previews. It could be that Photoshop has an issue saving the preview on the CIFS serve I guess, hu?

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It very well could be -- I know for a fact that, in certain configurations, Adobe cautions against working directly on Creative Suite files on a network store... they recommend only working on files locally.

Can you try copying the file(s) to your local hard drive, then going through the motions again and see if the same problem manifests?


I works fine off my desktop. I copy it back on the server, and I can see the edit. If I edit that file again, I'm back to not seeing the changes.
We've been working on Creative Suite directly off the server (A Novell server) for years with no Creative Suite issues. I wasn't aware of Adobe cautioning against working off a server. We do so because people never remember to copy their stuff from their desktop to the server, so we were always looking for missing files on people's desktops.

Well, that just sucks. I'm gonna have my Mac guy look into this too.