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I have just recently purchased a Lacie Multi-port HD and connected it up to my G5 using the Fire wire 800 port. (it works great) except: As my mac is used for music, using Logic Pro, I have an Audiophile Fire wire audio interface that is connected to my other Fire wire port (FW 400). It had severe audio/MIDI sync problems. Two days after sorting the problem for myself MAudio tech support emailed me and as usual suggested that I upgrade my drivers.

What I discovered for myself was, that the audio info from my HD was to fast for the Audiophile interface to cope, so in the end I had to slow my Lacie down to 400 and it works fine.

The answer is simple once you know it, but the problem did fool 3 tech support guys from 3 major companies.

I will just have to wait for audio interface technology to catch up with my G5.

It's ironic that when I purchased my G4 400 many years ago I had trouble getting hold of a USB printer in the UK for a few months.