inherit permission problem

Brian Watson

I have installed Tiger 4.2 server onto my xserve and cannot get the inherit permissions to be live. I was told the original release of Tiger did not support this but the update did. Having updated the server I still cannot get the option (I can see it but it is greyed out). It is for want of a better expression locked on standard UNIX behaviour. Apple seem at a loss and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem I am having to use ACL but this is causing me other problems with people being locked out of the server on a random basis (the dreaded no entry sign comes up on folders!). If you log back in seconds later it is fine, this is obviously really irritating given peoples lack of patience and blame the IT bod mentality!!!

I am running Tiger Server 4.2 on a G4 xserve with with an xraid holding the data with sharepoints. For the record I have done the obvious i.e. repair permissions etc…

Apple have not really been very helpful with trying to fix this, I think most of the people on the end of the phone read from a fixed list of problem solving fixes like have you done disk repair, restarted blah blah blah not real world experience!!!!
I read your post the other day as I have been trying to sort similar stuff. I found that when I switched off the ACLs then I could select the inherit permissions instead of standard unix...

I don't claim to be any sort of expert though. I rang Apple myself who were really helpful which was pleasing as I have read so much about them being useless.

Had to restart the server to get it to recognise the changes to ACL things... once I had done this it all seemed to work a lot more logically... however that was only earlier so I might be back here soon :)