Initialized hard drive don´t boot


I´ve got an iMac flatpanel with 512mB Ram, 60G Hd and and a CD.
Moreover I´ve got a extern LaCie d2 DVD.
OS 10.3.8 was installed.
I should restart with my new macOSX tiger DVD when the electricity suddenly went. After this it was impossible to boot with anything. The machine didn´t spin the gear.
I´d tried all different short comands trying to reset and also pressed the PMU once.
In desperation I bought Drive Genius and that one booted. I repaired. I rebuild. But it was not possible to boot with anything except Drive Genius. It made the gear appear and turn.
I read in the manual of Drive Genius that I could Initialize the hard drive and get a brand new hard drive as from the factory and I thougt that was good so I could have a clean install of OSX. Which I wanted.
Now as before only Drive Genius can boot and from there I can see the DVD player and the inserted MacOSX tiger.
I wonder what i could do now.
I have also a 9.1 boot CD. But nothing boots. Pressinging Alt at startup gives me no choices no matter what CD I put in (except Drive Genius).
Cmd+S gives no responce but Cmd+alt+O+F does.
But what could I do there?
Can I do something with firewire or with my iMac G3 with macOS 9.2 but no firewire terminal though info inside says firewire is enabled.
Thankfull for any kind of answer.