Initializing OSX partition


Can I reformat the OSX partition so that I can put a classic OS back on it? Drive Setup is not recognizing this partition as formattable (unsupported drive). Any suggestions?


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I have a copy of Linux PPC on disk (the installer). The first step in that installer is partitioning the drives, by way of a PDisk. Since I used it for the first time, it has become my favourite partitioning utility. If you have a burner, I suggest you download the LinuxPPC disk for At the same time you will get a great OS. in addition to OSX.
If we could freakin have an OSX CD that would let you boot onto the CD and do stuff (aka more than just install OSX)....

I'm so hoping they make that the standard way you install OSX, sort of like the way OS9 and below lets you boot on the CD and then decide if you want to install OSX or mot.

What you could also do is make a Darwin CD, the binaraies are freely distributed off of Apple's page. Just click on the Darwin link. Then you could use pdisk off of that.

By the way, what did u originally initialise your partition as? HFS+? UFS? You also might want to report this bug to apple... it would be a good thing.