Initiating a connection to bluetooth device


I have a bluetooth headset that will connect to the most recent device it was used with. Problem is I use my headset mostly with my mobile phone, so I need to initiate a connection from my Mac to the headset.

I can't find any way to do this other than removing and re-adding the headset via system prefs which is a bit drastic.

Any suggestions?
unfortunately as far as im aware, most (if not all) bluetooth headsets can only be paired with one device at a time. they do not have the capacity for multiple pairings.

this is also partly due to security and ease of use. if your phone and computer were both paired with it, and skype rang on your comp and your phone rang...the headset wouldnt know what to do.

or something like that.

today i will mainly be not using capitals.
I bought the Motorola HS850 because it supports multiple pairings (BT 1.2 spec I think).

So that is not a problem.

As I said - it connects with the last device used. Otherwise the device needs to initiate the connection so it knows to switch.

That is the crux of my problem. Can I initiate the connection from the Mac (as I can from my phone)?
There is another place where you should be able to do this.

In the sound system prefs you can choose what device sound input and output use, when i have my headset paired, then it appears there.

Maybe just setting sound to use the headset would sort the issue. Not sure though.