Initilizing Network hangs


I played around with the Network settings just to get familiar with it. I cant access Internet as I have an USB ISDN modem for which I don not have a driver.

When powering on my beige G3 300 MT and my Jaz drive which I have my OSX installed on, the startup process hung in the "Initilizing Network" phase. This had never happend before with OSX.

Starting in Verbose mode, the process stopped, indicating the Ethernet port (1 ?) missing or could not be found.

I do not have anything connected to the ethernet port.

I don't remember what I did in the network settings but this seems to be a bug. You should not be able to configure something so that you could not start afterwords. (At least not in these settings..)

Any help out there ?
Simply leave it for a couple of minutes.
It will skip then and you can then remove the Ethernet setting from the TCP/IP setup.
FWIW on my Beige G3 when I installed OS X and told it I
didn't have a network, it hung like this at Initializing Network.
I let it sit all day and it didn't move. I had to re-install, telling
it to go ahead and use the Ethernet (which isn't plugged into
anything) and it went fine.

I would try booting in single-user mode and taking a close
look at /etc/iftab.
I left the machine in the state mentioned above for at least 15 minutes and it never came out of it !

Some additional info for my posted problem above :

The info displayed when starting in verbose mode where :

(a lot of stuff...)

Configuring network
ipconfig(135) set en(0) MANUAL failed, invalid parameter

/ JoG

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