inputting audio from a livescribe pen


Hi there,

I have a livescribe pen which has stopped importing into my MBA and iMac. It charges ok and there is clearly some kind of recognition going on but the page and audio files just won't go in. I have about 20-30 hours of audio that needs transcribing in the next few weeks and I'm now starting to panic.

On the LS support forums, someone suggested to a poster with a similar problem about two years ago, that they input the audio via the headphone jack on the pen. It would have to be done in real time but it was do-able. Thing is on a mac I'm not sure how or what I would import it to. I'm reconciled to the fact that the pen will probably need replacing but I just can't lose all the existing data…. it represents about a month of unrepeatable fieldwork.

I'm not sure if it is an issue with the pen or not, as neither the MBA nor the iMac will recognise our blackberry phones when we try to sync them. It could be the Macs or it could just be coincidence. On the Mac side I've done permissions repairs and reset the PRAM and SMT things and made sure everything is up to date.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to get it into either my MBA (mid 2011 running 10.7.5) or iMac (early 2008 running 10.9) I would be eternally grateful!


When I had my Blackberry, I had to launch the app on my Mac manually. It then recognized the phone and did the backup. Have you tried that with your phone and your pen?