Insane performance on a Power Macintosh (Beige) G3


Mentos! The Freshmaker!
Specs on computer:

Machine Type: Power Macintosh (Beige Desktop) G3, using the revision "A" logic board.

* PowerLogix PowerForce G3 processor (ZIF, clocked to 500 MHz)
* 256 MBs PC-100 RAM, 1 stick is 128, 2 are 64s.
* 2 GB Quantum SCSI drive
* 20 GB IBM Deskstar hard drive (ATA-100, 7200 RPM, IDE)
* Original Apple CD-ROM (IDE, 24x)
* Placed a power supply fan on top of the new processor, as the speed of the processor was causing overheating problems, which led to many problems. Note: You will NOT be able to close the chassis of the Beige G3 if you elect to place a power supply fan on top of the processor, as the already low clearance that the upper portion of the chassis (the part that contains the expansion bays) will not allow for it. Also, it provides for superior cooling under the most extreme usage conditions (Gee, I'm starting to sound like a Castrol Oil commercial! ;))!
* ATI Radeon video card (PCI, 32 MB)

Removed the following:
* Internal Iomega ZIP drive (IDE, 100 MB ZIP disk support)
* Floppy drive

Installation Notes:
* ATI Radeon drivers are part of the OS X install, you won't need to download any drivers to use it. However, dualhead support with the OS X-provided drivers is yet to be seen...

* With the IBM Deskstar drive, I noticed that the OS X 10.0.0 installation CD would recognize the drive, however, it would not install onto it. :mad: So, since the Beige G3 has a built-in SCSI controller on the logic board, I grabbed the SCSI drive above, and jumpered that drive to SCSI ID 0, because the G3 searches the SCSI bus for a boot device before anything on the IDE bus. I was then able to install OS X onto the SCSI drive, and it boots off of it just fine.

* I have noticed that, unless you have the intention of changing the bus speed on the processor, you don't need to download the PowerLogix G3/G4 Cache Profiler software for either OS 9.1 or OS X.

* To add increased speed to the loading of Classic, I previously installed OS 9.1 onto the IBM Deskstar drive (since it was significantly faster than the Quantum SCSI drive, tweaked the Extensions Manager and eliminated the ATI Radeon extensions, eliminated any USB + Firewire extensions (since Beige G3s don't come with USB or Firewire ports), kept Quicktime extensions (since MS Office 2001 requires that so the Office Assistants display), and eliminated any modem extensions (it's permanently connected to a LAN, so it doesn't make sense to keep those on there). Since then, I have clocked Classic's loading time (I am now running 10.0.4) at between 15-30 seconds. :D :D :D

Imagine if I upgraded to 512 MBs of RAM (yeah yeah, Apple says on the revision A boards it may not be possible, but can't a fella dream? :D)...*drool*

So far, it runs great...G4 performance for only $400! :D

Anyhoo, I'm sleepy, if I forgot anything, I'll post it when I remember it. Or ask, that always helps jog the ol' memory. :)