Insight into gcc, zlib, etc. on recent builds?


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I don't necessarily have the luxury of waiting for Apple to release a Dev Tools that works with the final build (right now I'm working with 4K78) -- what have you developer types done with post-PB builds?

The original Dev Tools disk no longer installs gcc. (Why? It's opaque to me.) My spiral towards madness actually started this way: I installed 4k78 and discovered no more ssh. So I wanted to install OpenSSH and found some handy instructions on Stepwise.

Then I realized I had no more gcc. So I installed the Dev Tools again. Still no gcc. Hmm, I thinks. So I tried porting gcc. But no dice -- cc is now giving me errors.

I should just go back to PB, huh. And wait until later.

cc isn't working either...this is fantastic. I'm in a noncompiling wonderland.

"configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables."


There's a version on ADC that was posted 30 Nov 2000. When I install the package, I end up with a set of documentation that refers to gcc and how to use it, but gcc itself is nowhere on the system.

I'd have a shot at porting gcc myself if cc was passing the configure script's basic tests....
cc is gcc, on OS X's dev install.
Don't worry about that. I don't know what your errors are, though.
Did you try building SSH with CC, or did you just stop when you read the instructions called for gcc?
No, I didn't give up on anything. I went right on through and tried compiling, knowing that cc can be a perfectly good stand-in for gcc.

But here's a typical configure script failing on me:

checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc ) works... no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables."

There are two differences between my situation now with 4K78 and my situation with PB running Dev Tools:

1. gcc existed (not just cc).
2. gcc and cc worked.

This is irritating.
The PB developer tools are meant for the PB. THey work on the PB. If you got a later build than PB legally then you would already have working developer tools.

OS X final includes working developer tools in the box.