Instal prob. -any ideas?


Hey i was wondering... Why wont my imac rev. D install osX pb? i have a newly partioned hd, and os9.04 and f/w is updated.. The cd boots, and eventually (after ages of churning and noises comming from the cd rom drive (tray loading) it eventually comes up with the OSX pb install. "HIT ENTER TO CONTINUE" or whatever, and it says it will then be restarting my mac, and will guide me thru the install process - which never seems to come? - the cd just spins and makes alot of nose for ages, and it opens the system disk , and usually just hangs....
I took my cd into an applestore and they tested it on a g4 cube and an imac like mine and in both cases instal was easy and pretty fast...

Might my cd-rom not be fast enough to read the cd or something? ehst the hell is wrong? - Any hrlp very much appreciated.
YAY.. it finally booted ok... Weird that it took like 200 attempts tho - loads of times the spinning hourglass would hang in the top left corner, and other times it would boot back into 9 and i would be back at the osx pb prompt to hit enter and it will shutdown and restart and then guide me thru the instal (WHICH IT FINALLY ACTUALLT DID!) - all i can suggest is to KEEP ON TRYING