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I have an AGP G4 and am about to install X (I love it on my powerbook). When I installed previously, I simply installed X on the same partition as 9.1. On the G4 , I would like to do it differently.

I have one 20 gb drive and a second 10 gb drive. Any suggestions on the best method for installation?



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what do you plan on doing? Do you want to use X as your main OS? Do you still need to use 9.1 a lot?

If you are going to be using X as your primary OS, you could put X on the 20gb drive and 9.1 on the 10gb.



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If you can wipe the 20, you might want to partition it in half, and install X on each - this way if you screw something up, you'll always be able to start up and do something other than run the installer.


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You might consider making a 350MB partition (or so) for the swap file. That will help keep the swap file from getting fragmented.

I put OS 9.1 on its own 1GB partition, and then everything else goes on a X partition. I hate wasted space with partitions.