Install Error 192


I cant install programs such as Onmi Web. After they download they unstuff fine but then they cant install. I get an error 192. Anyone have a clue why this might be happening. Or how to get around it. I was able to install itunes and fire but i cant install anything else any more. i've tryed three different applications and i've even tryed omni web a few times.

any help?
The error occurs when you try to mount the disk image that the app is on? Does Disk Copy successfully launch and then you get the error, or does the error occur before Disk Copy even gets going?
I had the same problem and tried several methods. Finally, I discovered that my hard disk included TWO copies (dunno why!) of Apple's Disk Copy, one in the Applications folder (the right place) and a second in my "user" directory. Deleting this second copy and ... grrr... reinstalling OSX and its recent update everithing worked fine.

Good luck.