Install Error-Please try again


I have a G4 400 with 128mB. Right towards the end of installation I get a message that says, "There has been an install error. Please try again later." I can reboot my system in os9 off the HD, but it is apparent that half of the install has occured. (all the os9 files are in the Mac OS 9 folder, and there are a bunch odf osx folders and files)
I have found the solution to the problem! Finally!!
After reformatting the HD into 2 partitions and reinstalling OS 9.04 on one, the problem still persisted.
I then ejected the disc and noticed thick streaks on the surface created by the packaging. After wiping the disc clean the OS X instalation was a success.

Sounds like a rediculous problem, but maybe there are a lot of discs out there like this due to the packaging that Apple has chosen.