Install Errors-Please Help


I just got my Mac OS X cd and rushed home to install. I removed my Voodoo3 board and return OS 9 to a quasi-original setup (minimal extensions). I had difficulty getting the machien to start up from the CD, but I finally did and began installing.

Also, when I tried loading the CD in Mac OS 9, it didn't mount. I could hear it being read, but it didn't show up on the desktop.

Towards the end of the installation I get an error message that a certain file directory could not be found, and I am prompted to try again or restart. I've done both multiple times and nothing.

My setup seems fine:

Biege desktop G3 333Mhz
128 Megs of RAM
6 Gig hd. . .

Can someone please help?
How are your HD partions set up? Is your 6GB HD set up as one partion? If you are attempting to install over your existing OS 9 setup (a potentially risky descision), you need to make sure you have Mac OS 9.04.

It sounds like you are having some sort of software conflict. I bet it would work if you reformatted your HD, re-installed OS 9.04, and then attempted to install the beta. Of course, you would need some way to image your entire HD in case you wanted to revert to your OS 9 setup.
Maybe you have one of those sensitive CD-ROM readers like I do. What I did was make sure my MacOS X Beta CD is very clean, because that screwed me up on some other OS installs (when I was installing OS9)..

• make sure you are installing OS X on your first partition.
• make sure your CD-ROM is in primary, not slave mode.
• make sure you are installing it on your primary HDD.