Install Mac OS X 1.0



I just bought a new PowerBook G3 Pismo. I then want to know when Mac OS X is released then how is the best way to install it. To have 1 or 2 partitions?

Will the installer help trough this process og choosing between 1 or 2 partitions?

I only have applications on my PowerBook and my workfiles on a G3 server.

OS X ships at the end of this month and the general concensus is that you should partion your drive into two equal (?) parts, with 9 on one and X on the other.

having them separate will make it easier to reinstall one or the other should something go wrong.
In my opinion you should partition you hard drive as follows

At least 2 partitions

1) OS Partition --> take a look at the instructions of how much space is needed for OS X (I think 1Gb), and add a couple of hundred Mb to that (for future expansion needs) and you have a 1.5Gb partition.

2) An OS 9 & file/program partition. ITs alwas good to keep your apps/files on a separate partition from your OS partition just in case something catastrophic happens and you need to initialize that partition..

the only grievance i had with multiple partitions with apps being in a separate place from the OS.

I had a three partition system once: OS, Apps, Scratch (for photoshop). What a nightmare that was -- whenever I downloaded anything or dragged something off of a webpage it would always go onto the OS partition. My pristine environment was getting cluttered in a hurry.

i wonder how well things will behave in X?
Hmmmm interesting....
I have 3 as well (being a former linux (PPC) user).
I have one for apps and files (and OS 9) , one for OS X, and one 100Mb as my crash dummy LOL.
When in OS X and downloading I just go into prefs and say where I want my download folder to be and I jsut select a download folder in my OS 9/apps partition ;-)
But I do agree with you. IF you are not careful cluttering, segmentation and multiple duplicate files can exist ;)

On my lombard Powerbook (only 4 Gb :( ), I have actually 2 partitions : one for Mac OS 9.1 (2,7 Gb), one for PB and later builds (1,3 Gb).

I think I will reformat my HD into one partition the 24th of March... With more space, I would use two or more partitions...
I used to like partitioning, now I hate it. I keep all my stuff together on one partition, and keep another partition as an emergnecy boot partition with a redundant copy of my more important files. This way if something goes corrupt, Ill most likely still be able to boot, and get at my data.
Other than that, it's so nice to be able to move files instead of copying them. And I also believe that if your drives are more than half full, you need more drive space. With this philosophy, I seldom get so fragmented that scratch disks are necessary. and I do video capture on a regular basis. 4.5M/s just isn't that demanding any more.
I keep my X, and about 3 System9 folders on one partition, it's no problem.