Install never finishes


Any time I run the installer (i.e. I have a .pkg and want to install it's contents) it will get until the bar is about half way full and then the installer just sits for hours doing nothing. After a few hours, I just quit it out, tired of waiting for it. I'm using 10.0.0, because I can't get anything installed (not even the developer tools, well, I sort of can, there's more below).

Now, I have been able to get the developer tools to sort of install. When the progress bar is half full and it reads something like 10 minutes remaining, the installer just stops and sits there. If I look on the partition, I can see that the developers folder has shown up and some of the stuff works, but other stuff doesn't. For instace, I can use the plist editor, but can't launch ProjectBuilder. >:-| So, it would seem that something is holding it up to keep it from finishing.

Here is my system:

installed on an HFS+ partition
iMac DV SE 400 Mhz

BTW, I chose HFS+ because I read somewhere about Airport card support failing using UFS. Is this true, or is anyone out there on an Airport network using UFS? I'd rather use UFS, but I had to go HFS+ to be safe. Maybe I'll try my own experiment later. :)