Install on 9600 Newer G3/400

9600 G3

I was able to install on my 9600/200. I have a Newer Tech G3 400 card, 352mb of RAM and a XLR8 USB PCI card. My monitor is running on a ATI RAGE ProCard. OS X is installed on a seperate 2gb drive. I was able to boot from the CD, Install, and run through the setup assistant after the install. The problem is now anytime it starts up it it just hangs on the spinning disk. I am able to boot into OS9 just fine but I am stuck with no OS X. I have it installed so I would believe that it should run just fine any ideas?
Apple has stated that OSX PB is not as forgiving when it comes to termination of internal scsi devices, so, I would just double check all your termination setings and ID's for assurance.
I have a 9600 w/ a Sonnet G4 450 and wonder If I'll have to endure a similar situation. We'll probably have lots of brainstorms together :)
Watch it before you try to install on systems with upgrade cards. The upgrade card manufacterers (Newer, etc.) said that for now OS X won't work on their systems, but they are working on it.

Apple explicitly warned that models upgraded to G3/G4 do not (so far) work with OS X.

The reason it doesn't work is because MacOS X expects newer chipsets and bus configurations.
Sorry man, bad luck there.

I take it all back, I went and tried something else it was either impatience or the fact that for some reason I had placed the System Disk control panel on my OS 9 disk. I removed it, selected the System Disk from my Mac Os X disk and it booted right up. It took a while so maybe I mistook time for a freeze. But, it works just no sound output though. Just as a note you can't boot off of the CD holding C but, if you double click the Install Mac OS X application on the CD than it will restart and begin the install. So "jstakid", Enjoy.