Install on Unsupported Machine


I have a PowerMac 8600/300 that I upgraded with XLR8's 500 mhz Carrier G3 card. This machine also has 2 of 3 PCI slots filled with and iXMicro Ultimate Rez card and a Voodoo 2 1000 card from 3dfx (connected to the Rez card with a pass-through cable). After trying to install MacOSX with Ryan Rempel's UnsupportedUtitlityX and getting kernel panics when trying to boot off the OSX cdrom, I disconnected the monitor from the Voodoo card and reconnected to the on-board video. Boot-up and installation went fine. HOWEVER, now whenever I attempt to boot off the MacOSX cdrom, all I get is a broken folder icon. Anybody have any ideas on this??
I'm just amazed that you even got the installer to run on such a hack job Mac. It kind of reminds me of the time I tried to get 8.1 working on a Color Classic with a 575 mother board jammed in, and connected to an external CD-ROM. I was so close, too. Anyway, have you tried booting up with option held down to see if you get any boot volume options? I don't know how much that will do, though. I know a few guys have gotten OS X to work on their allegedly 'unsupported' Macs, so maybe they will speak up with some tips.