Install over 9.1?


I only have a 6 gig hard drive and 3 is already used for os 9.1 and company. With os X, should i just install it over my 9.1 or should i split my hard drive and give 3 gigs to each? I dont know much about working with 2 different opperating systems on the same machine.

Any help?
To install Mac OS X on the same actual MacOS 9.1 disk You must create two volumes partitions: one for Mac OSX and one for restored Mac OS9. To do this You must backup your actual Mac OS9 and company, on other disk and then :
1) Startup Your Mac with OS X Installer CD ( press and hold "C" key at startup)
2) Click on installer application
3) From file menu select : Disk Utility and at the end of startup
4) Select "Unit" button
5) Select the unique selectionable disk (Your actual Mac OS9 disk)
6) Select "Partition" tab
7) Select from Partitions PopUp menu : 2 Partitions
8) Observe at the right of window, the new two partitions and make desired dimensions corrections by dragging the partition separation line up (decrease first partition) or down (increment first partition).
The first partition MUST be used for Mac OSX and dimensioned at least >1.5GB; the second partition maybe used for other OS, Your Mac OS 9.1...
9) Set desired partition names by clicking partition area and then partition name edit field.
10) Select Mac HFS+ type format from "Type" popupmenu
11) Click "Partition" button
12) At the end of operation quit "Disk Utility" and continue the installation procedure.
13) Be shure to select FIRST partition for Mac OS X and at end of installation procedure,
14) Select Mac OS X volume as Startup disk, and Restart Your Mac
15) Restore on the second partition, Mac OS 9 and company...
Note: Now there are two startUp modes:
A) Mac OS 9 start up: Press and hold "Option" key at startup
B) Mac OS X start up: Normal startup without any key pressed.

You can modify your start up disk using "StartUp Disk" control panel on OS9, or clicking "StartUp Disk" on System Preferences Window, with OS X
Thanks a bunch! I was also just wondering would there be any advantage or disadvantage to installing X over 9.1? Without partitioning. My computer is just for fun and there is nothing to valuable on it. And i'd back it all up first.

If you have nothing of value that you arent afraid of losing then just install over 9.1 (you can still do dual boot if you do that so dont worry).