install over later version?


Dear Friends,
I am trying to fix a broken version of 10.3.9 My install disks are an earlier version of 10.3. I have upgraded to 10.3.9 via the upgrade files I downloaded from Apple
The install disks won't let me install because they say there is newer version already installed. Any Ideas?
Thanks for your help
If you are going to reinstall the OS, you have two options. You can perform an Archive and Install, which does what it says: archives your user files and reinstalls the OS allowing you to recover your settings. The other option is to perform a clean install, this wipes your hard drive clean before installing the OS. Do this if you have performed a back up of your data, DO NOT do this if you have no back ups of your data.

ALWAYS have a back up of your data before installing/reinstalling your OS. It saves you a lot of tears.
Dear Viro,
Thanks for the reply. I haven't been able to get that far. The Installer shows my hard drive as uninstallable and gives the error message. Something to the effect "Can't install a newer version already exists". The Options button which would lead me to Archive and Install, or Clean Install is grayed out , so I cannot even get there.
Yours, Walt