Install problems, a little help could go long way


i have downloaded the toast image for the most recent build of os x.

when I go to burn the disk.....Ifollow the posted directions.....

when I click the box to make the disk bootable I get an error message saying that there is no OS on the disk and it will not be bootable.....

what am I doing wrong?????

Don't trust those disk images out there on Hotline -- get a real copy in your hot little hands from a dev friend. Or sign up, pay the fee, and get Apple to send them to you direct.

There are so many builds around now, and so many hacks, that you're better off ignoring them all. That's a whole lot of download time for a whole lot of nuttin'!

Just buy an educational copy of X for 69 bucks or what ever it is. While I think sharing software is great for learning on when you can't afford it, Apple deserves the cash for this baby.

I used a bootleg of PB for a while and posted my bug reports.

Now, I anti up.

If none of us buys software no one will make software for us and Apple needs the momentum.