Install problems


Ok, here's the deal. I'm trying to install x on my g3 300. it's got 384 mb ram, 2 hd's (neither one apple supplied, more on this later) and my monitor is connected to a PCI radeon. My 2 hd's are a 13gb and a 40gb, both IDE. I partitioned the 13gb one into 2 6.75 gb drives, both HFS+. I put OS 9 on the 2nd one, leaving the first one free for X. This is to get around the "partition must be in first 8 gb of drive" thing for the beige g3 series. Ok, so the installer CD starts up fine. It installs it, and then after it's all done says Restarting in 30 seconds, just like it's supposed to. So i click Restart, and i hear the "bong", then... nothing. NOTHING. Not even a sad mac or blinking floppy. The monitor is just BLANK. If i force restart and hold down C i can boot from a CD but that doesn't solve my problem... I"ve tried reinitializing the drive, I've tried reinstalling countless times (always choosing the "format this disc" option in the installer to make sure it's clean) both with HFS+ and UFS. Neither one worked. What do I do?
how long have you let the monitor sit black?
i remember when I first got os x installed the monitor (vga on my ati rage plus card thru adapter) sat black for a while cuz os x hadn't yet optimized.
if you have a second monitor port try that or if you can attached another monitor try that. try a 800x600 monitor size.

my problem is that my g3/266 av DT won't boot from the os x cd but does just fine from the 9.1 disc. i'm gonna wait for 10.1 maybe that will work.
I've let it sit for about half an hour with nothing. I"ll try plugging it into my other vid card (rage orion).