Install takes 12 hours!!!

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I am on a 333MHz iMac with 96MB RAM and a 40Gig HD. My question is WHY does it take 10-15 hours to install the Public Beta? I'd love to be able to test out the beta and even run Final but how can I do that if it takes all that time to install?

Please help.

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Wow, that is odd. Took maybe half an hour for me...

I haven't heard anything about installation taking that long. However, on the HD that originally came with my blue G3, things would take forever - any transfers over about 4K would grind to a halt, and it would take a couple of hours to write even a few dozen MB. I shipped the drive back to Apple, and they sent me out a new one.

Have you got access to another IDE drive that you could pop in the iMac for comparison?
Yeah... I can throw it in the G4 and it installs in 6 min.

Thing is it's not stable and it won't let me go back to OS 9 from the iMac.

Odd little bugger.

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