Install to a partition??


Ok... sorry if this is a repeat question, but I'm a newbie here...

I just setup my new G4 dual 450 and 22" LCD (so sweet!!), and in re-setting it up, I partitioned the 30GB HD into 2 partitions, one 25+GB, and the remainder as the other. I've installed OS9 on the big partition, and when I receive my OSX beta, I was planning on installing it to the smaller partition.

Anyone see any issues with that? I've done this before with pre OS9 versions with no problems, but wanted to be sure I don't hose my OS9 install.

Thanks in advance!
That's actually the best way to do it, as long as your second partition is at least a gig. That way if you want to get rid of OS X you don't have to erase your whole HD. Some of the Developer previews didn't support ONE partition installs, but it's always supported two.

Personally, the last time my iMac had major issues (clean install said "an error has occurred" and wouldn't offer any further explaination) I reinitialized the drive, and I figured I could use second partition sometime down the road so I set aside 2.5 gig for later use. i didn't do anything at all with it for several months, but I'm really glad I did once I obtained the beta of OS X. :)