install won't even try to install


I recently recieved the Mac OS X beta and gladely restarted and placed the CD in my beige G3 only to be met with blue screen and a rotating cd icon. Now looking through the documentation I see that the my extra display cards might be the issue here I go ahead by removing these. This didn't work either but the fault is now that the computer spits out the following:

<code>Unresolved Kernel Trap: 0x300 Data Access DSISR: 0x400000000 DAR: 0x7200022a PC: 0x00045374

and a stack backtrace...

And then asking me if I want to restart or continue. Pressing 'c' causes it to spit out more Kernel panics before finaly coming to a complete hang.

Now my question should be quite clear: why and what can I do to avoid this?

// Robert Nilsson