Installed programs not present under X11?


I've isntalled 2 linux programs for use on my X11 session. The problem i'm having is that, i installed them using terminal, and when i used the terminal within X11, the application wasn't there. For example, i installed blackbox, then entered the command "blackbox" to run it, but i said it needed x11, which is expected, so i opened up x11, and ran xterm, but inside xterm "blackbox" comes back with --bash:No such command. I have a feeling i messed something up along the way.


That's because X11 doesn't load the variables from .profile. The easiest way to solve it, when you launch X11 the first thing you do before launching any programs is to type "source .profile". This will then update the PATH accordingly and allow you to run programs that the normal terminal supports.

Or, you can edit .profile in your home directory using the command "open -e .profile" and add the line "export DISPLAY=:0.0". Relaunch terminal, keep X11 open and you can launch X11 applications from within the Terminal.

I like the 2nd approach better, since I like Terminal more than X11.


well, now i'm getting yet another error,
Seans-Computer:~ sean$ source .profile
Seans-Computer:~ sean$ blackbox
BScreen::BScreen: an error occured while querying the X server.
  another window manager already running on display :0.0.
Blackbox::Blackbox: no managable screens found, aborting.
Seans-Computer:~ sean$


By default, X11 uses quartz-wm for a WindowManager. You can use ps to find its pid and kill it off. I ran into this with enlightenment, but you should be able to get blackbox to run once you get quartz-wm out of the way. Of course, things (in X11) look really odd with no window manager running (no title bars, etc). If you want blackbox to be the window manager, you could look into modifying your .xinitrc to make it more "permanent".