Installed XFree86, now what?


I do not wish to start a war about competing X Window managers and frameworks nor about the virtue of running XFree86 on MacOSX.

With that said, I just installed XonX. What should I do now? What manager should I install?

Personally, I love KDE.

I have been running KDE2 from my linux box with the display set to the MacOS X, and then a mixture of Linux apps and Darwin apps running inside it ... of course for you to do that, you must have some other machine running KDE (Linux, Solaris etc.), unless anyone has successfully ported KDE to Darwin

KDE is nice. So is Gnome. I've not messed with Eazel yet, because I can't find Radeon Linux drivers. Anyway, put 'em both on and switch around.


I just tried installing Enlightenment, from source, without much success. Is there a site I could go to find out about Darwin ports?

I am not trying to be lazy but I just assume not compile and link a window manager if somebody has already figured out the Darwinisms.

The files linked to in the tutorials for AfterStep and Windowmaker are not working.

We changed hosts, and now most of the files are no longer exsistant. I was able to recover, but I can't say the same for the afterstep binaries, I have no clue why those aren't on the old host anymore. I'll try to find them asap!

thanx for bringing it to my attention :)