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Hi Guys,
I recently posted this thread to another category, as I didn't think it was so much of a unix issue, but I find that solutions abound in this forum, so I'll drop it here and maybe you can help me out.

I've recently experienced a rash of crashes with the native osx application installer (you know, to open .pkg files from GUI land... ) The crashes almost regularly now, and there are files that I have not been able to intsall because the Installer crashes every time I open it. I can't get the source code for the files, even though they're freeware. I've tried re-installing the installer from the Tiger DVD, but you can't really "install" it, you have to drag-and-drop copy, which isn't quite the same. The problem is compounded by the fact that a "pal" of mine deleted all of the pkgs from my /library/receipts folder "in order to save disc space" rendering me unable to run permissions checks and fixes. I know different people feel differenly about the validy of running permissions checks, but I'm kind of wondering now if that might have something to so with it. So... my 3 questions are...

1) anything I can do about the receipts/permissions issue short of re-installation?

2) any idea where I could get an installer .pkg (not that I could open it) so to re-install the (this is getting rediculous)

3) (anyone having the same problems?)

4) Are there any other apps out there I could use for this.... Is there a command line solution for this? I'm not sure how the .pkg files work so I'm therefore not sure about a work around.

I have double checked all of the pkgs I'm attempting to install and they're all kosher, so it's not a matter of invalid or bad pkgs.

As always, I humbly appreciate and accept all input.
THanks a bunch.


(running 10.4.2 -- dual 2.5 processor G5)