Installer freezes with X Installers


This one has me baffled.

I installed X.0 on a B&W G3 -- No problems
I installed X.0 on a Beige G3 -- No problems

I am now trying to use the X.1 updater CD I got from Apple this morning on my new G4. After making two good backups, I boot from the 9.2.1 CD. I partition my 60GB drive into a 15GB for 9.2.1 and the rest for X.1. Install 9.2.1 onto its partition and boot into it. Insert the X.0.3 Installer disc and it gets to the Happy Mac with the ugly rainbow cursor. The cursor spins for a second then hangs. I then try the X.0 disc. Same thing.

I can get the X.1 disc to go into Disk Utility and the installer, but I can't install because there are no previous versions of OSX on the drive.

I've tried different partitioning, installing 9.1 first, 9.2.1 first ....

Nothing. Please anyone, I can't figure this out.