Installing 3rd party software with the Apple Install program


I have been trying to install Open Up in .pkg format. X opens the OSX intall program and acts as though it is going to intall osX, but the name of the file appears in the title bar. When it goes to look for a drive to install it on, no drives show up! Has this happened to anyone else? If so how do we fix it?
I have the exact same problem! I made a post myself a while back. I think there is a bug in the app makes it so that no partition/hard drive shows up if there are multiple partitions/hard drives. I too have an external fire wire hard drive as well as the internal hard drive the computer came with. If you turn off your external hard drive and boot up without it, the installer runs fine.
must only be firewire drives then, cause I have an external SCSI and have never seen this.

(FWIW, Apple recommends that apps be installed from a disk image, not using the