Installing additional ATA Drive under OS X


A friend of mine recently replaced the hard drive in his Rev. A iMac with a 40 Gig drive, leaving him with a useless 4 Gig drive that came with the thing. I've been thinking of installing it in my G4 (we'll leave for another day the discussion of whether an extra 4 Gig is even worth the effort).

Okay, here's the setup. Pretty stock G4/500 SP AGP, 18Gig Ultra2 LVD HD (PCI SCSI card), factory ATAPI DVD-RAM drive, ATAPI Zip drive. I'm assuming I can just connect a ribbon cable from the back of whichever device is last on the ATAPI chain (the zip drive, I think). Maybe a little jumper-changing would be necessary?

Then, if I can actually get the thing to mount under OS X, do I get a choice of mount points? Ideally, I'd like to mount it under my home directory, but I guess I could always put an alias to it there and then just set permissions on the drive?